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Title:The tale of the magic flute
Author: Julia Spiridonova
Translated by:Boris Parashkevov
Cover design by:Penko Gelev
Pages:156 pages
Size:21.5 x 25 cm
Price:40,00 lv.
Prince Tamino falls in love with the lovely princess Pamina, but in order to get her hand in marriage he has to face many challenges and learn that only when your heart is full of love can you open the door to the Temple of Wisdom and make the magic flute play. The lovers' fate is in the hands of the King of Sun and Light but he is opposed by the Queen of the Night. The bird-catcher Papageno dreams of his Papagena, but just like Tamino he has to overcome many obstacles to win her heart.
We meet various brilliant characters – the plumage covered bird-catcher Papageno and his Papagena, the enigmatic Egyptian pyramid, the mysterious Sphinxes and eternal Egyptian gods Isis and Osiris to whom the enlightened send their prayers. Together with the exotic characters we step through the doors of the Temple of Power, Wisdom and Beauty where the high priest Sarastro serves with his priests. Among the other notable characters are the Three Ladies and the Three Boys born from Darkness and Light, from the Moon and the Sun, from the Night and the Day. 

Безкрайна приказка за „любовта що свързва наш’то слънце и звездите...“ (ZIP 1.42 MB)
„Приказка за вълшебната флейта“ оживя пред гостите на официалната ѝ премиера снощи (ZIP 5.42 MB)
„Приказка за вълшебната флейта“ пренася деца и родители в магичния свят на Моцарт (ZIP 2.31 MB)
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