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Title:Yulian Vuchkov: A Memoir
Author: Julian Vuchkov
Cover design by:Adriyan Nikolov
Pages:496 pages
Size:16,5 x 23,5 cm
Price:14,00 lv.
TV legend professor Youlian Vuchkov has a PhD in Philology and is a favourite with TV audiences. Not only is he one of the most prominent TV personalities, but also one of the most loved and entertaining people in media today. His appearances on the silver screen are always eagerly awaited and given the highest reviews by viewers.
He has authored 26 works on literature, culture and the art of living your life to the full.

A Memoir is his latest book, in which he casts light on the most interesting sides of Bulgarian life in the past two decades. The book is a kind of encyclopedia offering а motley selection of events, names, mundane and groundbreaking discoveries, sharp observations and profound reasoning about the history of modern Bulgaria. The book also contains a lot of information on various international factors in human construction such as politics, law, medical care, education, science, and literature…

A Memoir has been written as a one continuous piece and is like a dynamically developing novel about the fate of the people. It is equally a cautionary tale and an entertaining read for all sorts of reading audiences.

„Мемоари“-те на една телевизионна легенда (RAR 724.67 KB)
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Професор Юлиан Вучков: Българинът предпочита да си стои в чакалнята, вместо да се бори
Вучков отново завладя ефира
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