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Title:The Paganini Contract
Author: Lars Kepler
Translated by:Tsveta Dobreva
Cover design by:Anna Georgieva
Pages:488 pages
Size:14 X 21 cm
Price:18,00 lv.

After the massive success with The Hypnotist - in Sweden as well as internationally - Lars Kepler is back in full force!
Pub date was July 15 2010 - already a total of 190 000 copies sold!!!

On a summer night the dead body of a woman is found on board an abandoned big pleasure boat drifting around in the Stockholm archipelago. Her lungs are filled with brackish water, but there are no traces of this water on her clothes or other parts of her body.
-She drowned, Joona, says the professor of forensic medicine.
The professor nods and smiles.
-She drowned on board a floating boat, he says.
-Probably someone found her in the sea and pulled her on board the boat.
-If I thought that’s what happened, I wouldn’t be taking up your time, says the professor.
The next day a man is found dead in his state apartment in Stockholm. The man is hanging in a noose from the lamp-hook in the ceiling. How did it happen? The room has a high ceiling, and there is not one single piece of furniture in the room, nothing to climb on. Nevertheless Detective Inspector Joona Linna is convinced that it is suicide.
Of course he is right.
The man has committed suicide, but this fact doesn’t close the case. It is only the prelude to a dizzingly intense and dangerous course of events.
There are certain agreements which cannot be broken off, not even if you are dead…


Зъл ум свири по струните на престъплението с виртуозността на Паганини (ZIP 537.51 KB)
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Договорът Паганини

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