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Title:The Healing Treasury
Author: Ludmila Kim
Translated by:Aleksandra Hudyakova
Cover design by:Tatyana Minks
ISBN:978–954 –8657 –05 –1
Pages:336 pages
Size:14 х 20 cm
Price:13,00 lv.
The advancement of modern medicine is not always enough to fight disease. In recent years more and more hopes are set upon alternative healing methods but few people are privy to nature’s hidden secrets.

The Healing Treasuryis a point in this case. Lyudmila Kim is definitely not a presumptuous healer because she has all the knowledge needed to apply the methods she uses. She is a professional chemist and a healer by vocation. Lyudmila Kim turned from science to traditional medicine because she was convinced that the ancient „architects” of nature – the microorganisms are more powerful than any chemical substance.

The Healing Treasury contains easy to prepare recipes, tried in practice. They feature animal and plant ingredients, breathing techniques and exercise, as well as prayers for good health, because according to the author humans are not just made of organic matter but also of spirit.

„Лечебната съкровищница“ най-после е открита (RAR 2.62 MB)
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