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Title:100 Shards of History
Author: Dragomir Simeonov
Cover design by:Vihra Stoeva
Pages:204 pages
Size:19 х 19,5 cm
Price:14,00 lv.
100 Shards of History by Dragomir Simeonov; 100 Shards of History is not an academic paper, or a student’s textbook. Those are curious selective shots of little-known events which have puzzling consequences, remain unresolved, and are oftentimes interpreted the wrong way. They are the tiny shards of a jigsaw which one could piece together at will. But even if one fails to do so, there lingers the delight of an encounter with an engaging story coupled with a corresponding illustration.

‘100 Shards of History’ is Dragomir Simeonov’s second book. His first one – the satirical poetry collection ‘Wrapping’, 2001 – has long since been a bibliographical rarity, as the author himself teases.

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