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Title:22 Celebrity stories
Author: Svetoslav Pintev
Cover design by:Orlin Atanasov
Pages:212 pages
Size:14,5 x 21 cm
Price:12,00 lv.
Svetlyo’s hustle and bustle through the labyrinth of the social scene makes a remarkable read, typical for the „out of the reporter’s notebook“ genre where with great sense of humour we get to walk among the throng of stars, starlets and all sorts of celestial bodies. Svetlyo treats his characters well even when they lack in character. Thanks to him you will get really close to them, you will get glimpses of their world the way it really is and not the way it seems under the stage lights. What’s more, you’ll see a new light in Pintev himself. When he is not forced to fit whole universes, tragedies and comedies in five short sentences he reveals himself to be a fine writer with self-irony, observations, rich and colorful language. This is a funny book containing over only 111 thousand square kilometers such prominent figures as Boyko Boriov and Slavy Trifonov. And the funny thing is that Svetlyo has found a way to find a place there for you as well – a place among the throng of stars, so that you won’t feel as a mouse at an elephant wedding, but comfortable and nice just like for centuries all of us have been living here, asleep under the same rug, familiar not only with each others fragrances but with each others farts as well.
Luben Dilov-junior

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