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Title:Seven Conversations with Jorge Luis Borges
Author: Fernando Sorrentino
Translated by:Boriana Milusheva-Dukova
Cover design by:Viktor Paunov
Pages:224 pages
Size:13 х 20 cm
Price:14,00 lv.
These wide-ranging conversations have an exceptionally open and intimate tone, giving us a personal glimpse of one of the most fascinating figures in contemporary world literature.

Interviewer Fernando Sorrentino, an Argentinian writer and anthologist, is endowed with literary acumen, sensitivity, urbanity, and an encyclopedic memory of Jorge Luis Borges' work (in his prologue, Borges jokes that Sorrentino knows his work "much better than I do"). Borges wanders from nostalgic reminiscence to literary criticism, and from philosophical speculation to political pronouncements. His thoughts on literature alone run the gamut from the Bible and Homer to Ernest Hemingway and Julio Cortázar. We learn that Dante is the writer who has impressed Borges most, that Borges considers Federico García Lorca to be a "second-rate poet," and that he feels Adolfo Bioy Casares is one of the most important authors of this century. Borges dwells lovingly on Buenos Aires, too.
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„Седем разговора с Хорхе Луис Борхес“ – за книгите, творчеството, света и живота
Борхес се изповядал в седем разговора
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