The talented coiffure-specialist Joro Petkov is one of Bulgaria’s most successful hairdressers. The story of his professional growth sounds like a modern day fairy-tale yet every word of it is true.

Joro is not only extraordinarily talented by birth but also possesses the flair for self-perfection, the ability it takes to become a style and fashion criterion. Joro oftentimes travelled around the United Kingdom and other European countries in order to specialise the art of hairdressing, the choice and mixing of colours, the texture and shape of hair. He braced himself both for work at a hairdressing salon and for fashion photography, videos and ads. However, he never stopped working for one moment, changing salons constantly until he opened a salon of his own four years ago in Sofia called Snakes. In 2014 he changed his conseption of the salon, who is now called "Georgi Petkov", changed the location of the place and added some new and different services as ovarall vision for the ladies. He keeps travelling, but now as a host of seminars about offical and wedding hairstyles in the academy of Schwarzkopf in Bulgarian and EU. 

His priority is to make every client feel special.
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Georgi Petkov

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