Stoyana Veneva was born on the 18th of August, 1966, in Sofia. She is the granddaughter of Stoyan Venev – one of the most beloved essential Bulgarian artists.

Stoyana Veneva talks about herself:

Leo, ascendant Leo. Fiery horse according to the Chinese horoscope. I have graduated from the Art Academy with a degree in Applicable graphics. I have worked for four years as a Public Relations and advertising consultant. I have created dozens of custom logos, all kinds of posters, advertisement material, tags, wrappings, and various album covers.  I keep on making those. I also work as a scenographer and costume artist, video stylist, this kind of stuff.

Currently, I’m FSB’s styling manager. But most of all, art consulting puts bread on the table, meaning, I advise rich people what kind of paintings, sculptures and other pretty stuff to invest in.

Stoyana Veneva

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