Valentina Radinska was born on the 11th of September, 1951, in the family of a journalist from Sliven. She studies Bulgarian language and literature at the University of Sofia ‘Clement of Ohrid’ for two years before transferring to the ‘Maxim Gorky’ Literature Institute in Moscow where she graduates from in 1976.
Valentina works as a journalist at the Narodna Mladezh newspaper and after that, she works for 12 years as an editor at the Nu Boyana Film Studios. From 1992 to the end of 1994, Valentina chairs the Civilisations department at the Continent. In December 1994, she becomes an editor, and from July 1999 to July 2002, she works as an editor-in-chief at Europe 2001 magazine. In the period 1996-2008, along with Prof. Simeon Yanev, Valentina teaches a course in creative writing and for the past four years, a Master’s seminar on the same topic at the University of Sofia. In March 2002, Valentina Radinska founded the non-governmental organisation Bulgarian Association ‘Life with Children’s Cerebral Palsy’. Valentina works on projects intended to help families with affected children. She is the author of three documentaries on similar subject matters as well as the film ‘The Bird’ (2003) broadcasted by the Bulgarian National Television.
Valentina is the author of seven poetry collections, ‘A Man Walks Towards Me’ (‘Narodna Mladezh’ 1977); ‘Night’s Book’ (‘Hr. G. Danov’, 1983); ‘No’ (‘Georgi Bakalov’, 1988); ‘Purgatory’ (‘Nyagolova’, 1992); ‘Everything’ (‘Ivan Vasov’, 1995); ‘At Least’ (‘Hemus’, 2001) and ‘Rains’ (‘Zachary Stoyanov’, 2009). Valentina is also the author of the critical literature paper ‘Dimcho Debelyanov and the Lord of the Wolves’ (1997) which wins the Vek 21 newspaper’s critique award. In 1998, she winds the national prize ‘Mara Belcheva’ for complete poetic works. Valentina is also the winner of the Trud’s ‘Golden Laurel’ poetry award (2009). Her translations of the works of the famous Russian poetess Marina Tsvetaeva win the Bulgarian Translators’ Union award in 1992. Valentina has translated poems by A. S. Pushkin, Anna Achmatova, Bella Achmadulina, Yunna Moritz, and others. Valentina is a member of the Bulgarian Writers’ Association and the Bulgarian PEN-club. Poems by her have been translated in every European language and some of them have been included in five collections in English, published in England, USA, and Canada.

Valentina Radinska

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