Michela Murgia was born in 1972 in Cabras, Sardinia. Her first book, Il mondo deve sapere (The World Must Know), was originally conceived as a blog before being turned into a book. It tells of life in a telemarketing call centre. Her latest book has a religious theme, Murgia having been brought up Catholic and having retained her faith. 

Michela Murgia was born in Sardinia in 1972. Bearing a degree in Theology, she makes her debut on the literary scene in 2006 with her tragicomic novel The World Has to Know which is later used by the Italian director Paolo Virzi for the making of the film ‘Life is All Before Us’. In 2008, Murgia publishes a travelling guide with stories of Sardinia – A Trip to Sardinia. Eleven Routes Around the Invisible Island.
She achieved success with Accabadora (Accabadora), which has been translated into several languages, including English. The novel is first published in Italy in 2009. The book receives a number of prestigious Italian literary awards, such as Dessì, SuperMondello and Alassio in 2009, as well as Campiello in 2010.

Michela Murgia

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