Liubomir Levchev was born on the 27th of April, 1935, in Trojan. He completes his secondary education in Sofia and is awarded a degree in Bibliography and Library Knowledge at the University of Sofia ‘Clement of Ohrid’, by the Faculty of Philosophy and History. He is chairman of the Union of Bulgarian Writers from 1979 to 1988.

Liubomir’s first book of poetry – The Stars Are Mine – is published in 1957. Amongst his most famous poetry volumes are, Observatory (1967), Diary of a Burning (1973, 1975), Spells (1981), Bow (1983), Arbitrary’83 (1983), Metronome (1986), and Heaven Razed (1966).

Liubomir has penned the novels Kill the Bulgarian!, You’re Next, and the scripts of the films Silent Tracks, The Death of Alexander the Great, and Bitter-Sweet.

Fifty-eight of his books have been translated in thirty-six countries.

In 2006, Liubomir Levchev is awarded with the Order of Stara Planina, first class, by the President Georgi Parvanov for ‘exceptional service to Bulgaria, for advance and popularisation of the Bulgarian art and culture’. In 2008, Liubomir receives the award Hristo G. Danov for his complete work overall.

Liubomir Levchev is a member of the European Academy of Science, Art, and Literature (Paris), and a founder of the European Academy of Poetry (Luxembourg). He is a bearer of a golden medal for poetry at the French Academy with the title Cavalier of Poetry (1985). Amongst his other awards are, Grand Prix of the Alexander Pushkin Institute and the Sorbonne (1989), Worldwide Award for Mystic Poetry Fernando Rielo (1993), and Golden Wreath of the Strugian Poetry Nights (2010).

Liubomir Levchev

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