The journalist Svetoslav Pintev has worked for the Night Trud newspaper for more than fifteen years. Today he works for the Monitor. He has graduated from the Sofia University ‘Clement of Ohrid’ with a degree in Bulgarian language and literature.

Svetoslav writes mainly on the topic of famous Bulgarians and their secrets but the night shifts have oftentimes stood him against bloody shootings, fabulous action, cops, crooks, politicians.

Svetlyo Pintev’s real weakness is dynamic reporting which he is an absolute king of. His reports are about archaeologists, treasure-hunters, nestinars, rock-n-roll-heads, Krishna-worshippers, markets, illegal bidding, herring-gulls, seekers of alternative life forms, rehabs for former drug addicts. Svetoslav is grateful that his work has helped him meet many fascinating people – a herdsman who’s built a chapel all by himself; a man who’s constructed an aeroplane which he now flies… There are many more. Svetoslav narrates 22 of those stories in his current book promising to tell the rest in his novels-to-be.

Svetoslav Pintev

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