Miroslava Kortenska is a Doctor of Art, a theatre critic, specialist of cultures, dramatist and lecturer. She has written the paper ‘The Culture Vertical’ (1998) which is studying the processes and some leading names of the Bulgarian stage in the last decade of the twentieth century. She has also written ‘The Culture Compass. Course: The Balkans-Europe’ (2006), and ‘The Cultural Mission of the ‘Thought’ Circle’ (2008). The former two titles have been endorsed by the Ministry of Culture. ‘The Culture Vertical’ has been translated in English, German and French. Miroslava Kortenska has also screen-written the documentaries, ‘The Displaced Generation’ (BNT, 1999) and ‘The Rehabilitation Rehearsal’ – a portrait of the famous director Liuben Groiss (BNT, 2004). Miroslava is one of the most studious explorers of the twentieth century theatre and culture. In 2007, she is awarded the funding for a project by the Ministry of Education and Science and its department ‘Scientific Research’. The project is called ‘The Road to Europe – XX Century’. Miroslava is also a member of the Union of Bulgarian Writers and the Bulgarian Union of Researchers.

Miroslava Kortenska

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