A writer, a cultural figure, a diplomat and a politician: Lea Cohen is one of the most famous Bulgarian writers. The influential Spanish newspaper "El Pais Daily" describes her as "the most significant Bulgarian author", and the German newspaper "Die Welt" compares her to Herta Mueller.
"The Collector of Diaries" is her tenth novel and the third book that has been published by "Enthusiast". Her works have been translated into German, Spanish, English, Turkish, Macedonian, Serbian, Albanian, etc. There is a movie based on her novel "The Sound Chaser" .
Lea Cohen is a public figure of worldwide importance. She is a member of the Swiss Association of Writers and the Swiss PEN club. As a writer and a diplomat she lectures in a lot of countries - France, Italy, Germany, Austria, Switzerland, Belgium, Macedonia, Bosnia, Turkey.
The author lives in both Switzerland and Bulgaria.

Lea Cohen

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