Margarita Koroleva has graduated from the First Medicine Institute of Moscow, and following from that she has pursued a post-graduate research programme in cardiology. She has completed a post-graduate thesis for the academic degree of Candidate of Medicine. Margarita has completed training programmes in leading Russian, French, Italian and Chinese facilities and she is a degree-bearing specialist in Dietology, Physiotherapy, Cosmetology and Mesotherapy. She has spent the past twenty years studying the issues of weight loss and body shape without the aid of surgical interference.
Margarita Koroleva is one of the first dietary specialists in Russia who focused on complex individual programmes for correction and sustain of weight levels. Currently, she is head of the Centre for Aesthetic Medicine ‘Margarita Koroleva’, founded in 2005. A second centre was founded in 2008. In those facilities are employed the latest achievements in the sphere of aesthetic medicine.

Margarita Koroleva

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