Toma Markov was born on the 26th of February, 1972, in Blagoevgrad. He is one of the founders of the literary circle ‘QuickLiterature’ – defined by him as a label or a company – and he has been joined since by a number of renowned contemporary Bulgarian writers. Apart from being a writer, Toma Markov has edited books by Heiner Müller, Charles Bukowski, Liubomir Levchev, books by fellow authors in the ‘QuickLiterature’ circle, as well as many others. The plays ‘A Trumpet Forgotten by Someone’, ‘The Cans’, ‘Bollywood’, and ‘Three Men with Grey Macs’ (co-authored by Martin Karbovki) are also written by him.
Toma has also worked for the magazines Egoist, Playboy, and Manager. He has published work in Poetry Magazine, as well as in Orient Express, London, under the editorship of Fiona Sampson.
Toma is famous for his colourful and theatrical methods of introducing literature to the public. He oftentimes performs public readings of his works in the Theatre Workshop SFUMATO where he has previously spent six years employed as a stage worker.

Toma Markov

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