Fiona Barton was born in Cambridge, England. Her career takes some surprising turns over the years.She was a journalist in Daily Mail, news editor at the Daily Telegraph and chief reporter of The Mail on Sunday. When she won the award for Reporter of the Year National Press Awards, gave up her job as a volunteer in Sri Lanka and since 2008 works with exiled and threatened journalists from around the world.

The idea for her debut book "The widow" comes when working as a court reporter.During this period, she began to wonder whatasked what actually know the wives of charges of crimes or what they allow to know.The change in careers Fiona Barton allowed her to become a real novel story about a missing child, narrated by married an suspect in the crime by the victim's mother and journalist, reflecting the case.

To the amazement and delight of the author "The widow" quickly became a bestseller and issued in many countries around the world.
Currently Fiona Barton lives with her husband in southwest France, where she is working on his second book.

Fiona Barton

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