Emilian Stanev is a literary pseudonym of Bulgarian writer Nikola Stoyanov Stanev.
The writer published his first works in 1931. From 1950 to 195З head of department "Fiction" in newpaper "Literary battlefield". Contributors to the magazine "Fate", "Covenants","Zlatorog","Art and Criticism", "Crown","Bulgarian language"and others.

Emilian Stanev wrote animalistic stories, social and moral-philosophical prose, history novels and novellas. During his stay in Sofia met with many then intellectuals - writers, painters and journalists, who have a serious influence on the works, which he wrote in the later part of his creative career.

His first book - a collection with shorts stories named "Tempting glitters" was published in 1938. His next book is a collection "Alone" (1940), which started the beginning of a cycle of works of nature end man. Follow "Wolf Nights" (1943), " Weekdays and holidays" (1945), "Wild bird" (1946), "In a quiet evening" (1948).

In 1948 he released one of his most famous works - the novel "The Peach Thief". After 1950 for 14 years he works on his novel "Ivan Kondarev", which describes the events related to the September Uprising from 1923.

He is the author of books for children and young adults: "In the forests and waters" (1943), "Gluttony Bear" (1944), "Tale of a forest" (1948), "When the frost is melting" (1950), "Chernishka" (1950) and others.

His works of the following years are more philosophically oriented. In these works Emilian Stanev use their in-depth knowledge of the history in Bulgaria. From this period are the novels "The Legend of Sybil Preslav Prince" (1968), "Tychicus and Nazario" (1985), "Antichrist" (1970), "The Turnovo Queen" (1974) and others.
Winner of National Award "Yordan Yovkov" for 1975.

Emilian Stanev

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