Liliyana Stefanova was born on the 17th of April 1929 in Sofia. She graduated Directing from the State institute for theatrical art, and then she graduated the Institute for literature  "Maxim Gorki" in Moscow. She specializes in London between 1965 and 1967. Later she graduates from the writer's program of the Iowa State University in 1980.
She is the Author of more than 50 books - poetry, prose, essays, children books among which "Love and Sorrow", "The Sun Kissed Me", "Voice from the Future", "Fiery Orbit", "A South Beach", "One Autumn in America", "The Volcanoes of Mexico are Smoking", "Japan without Kimono and a Fan"; the collection of essays "Time and Duty", "I Write hence I Love", "The Light Comes from the People", "A World in 33 Faces", "The Other in Me" etc.  
Some of her poems are translated in 31 languages and the general circulation of her books is over one million copies.
Liliyana Stefanova is awarded some of the most prestigious literature awards among which are: The Award of the Union of the Bulgarian Writers for the books "One Autumn in America" (1964), "After Midnight" (1981), "More and More" (2009); the National Dimitrov Award (1971); Two "Sofia" Awards for poetry (1975), and scenario (1978); National Award "Stanka Nikolitza" (1976); National Poetry Award "Yavorov" (1983); The Award of the Union of the Bulgarian translators  (1984); The Award of the Union of the Moscow translators (2008); National Award "Dora Gabe" (2008).

Lilyana Stefanova

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