Iva Jolova had been working in three daily, which today she describes, jokingly, as “diagnosis – because of the crazy dynamic and other features of the media culture”.

She had graduated the “French high school” in Varna, journalism in “Sofia university” and specialized in screenwriting at VITIZ.

She had been a reporter in the cultural branch of the already nonexistent newspaper “Narodna Mladezh“, from which she was fired in 1977 by the ideological paragraph “for unfitness”, because of her dialogue with Boris Dimovski and Radoi Ralin, dedicated to the realization of the youth. For a while after that,punishingly she was left to work in the economical branch of the newspaper “Trud“. In the cultural aspect of her work brings her back her knowledge of foreign languages, when in Bulgaria had started the International author meetings, and she is in the newspaper team, which interviewed the famous authors.

From the 1990 until the end of July 2015 she was chief of the cultural departments in “Trud“ and “Pressa“ (until it’s unexpected shutdown). 

She creates the weekly cultural insert “Art Trud “, the long lasting organization on the only for our daily press literary contest „Zlatniya lanec“ and a major presence on topics from our artistic life at “Pressa“. That is what Jolova describes as her biggest professional challenges.

In a personal point of view – her two already grown up sons – Georgi and Ivailo, which (thank god!) are making careers in other areas.

Some of her professional prizes are journalistic prize of the New Bulgarian university, two awards from the Natinal Convert of Experts, two – from the “Salon des Arts” in NDK, and a few from the editions she had worked for.

Iva Jolova

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