Andrei Gelasimov, born in Irkutsk in 1966, studied foreign languages at the Yakutsk State University and directing at the Moscow Theater Institute. He became an overnight literary sensation in Russia in 2001 when his story A Tender Age, which he published on the Internet, was awarded a prize for the best debut. In went on to garner the Apollon-Grigorev and the Belkin prizes as well, and his novels have been consistently met with critical and popular success in Russia and throughout Europe. Thirst is his first book published in English, with three others to follow, including "Gods of the Steppe," which won the 2009 "Big Book" Russian National Bestseller award.

The winner of the National Bestseller award Andrei Gelasimov’s books have been translated in nineteen languages. At the Paris Book Fair he was named the most popular Russian author in France. His elegant writing style, the self-irony, the Siberian spiritual power, the psychological depth and short and blinding like a lightning epiphanies about human nature and Russian national character make him one of the most impressive masters of modern Russian fiction.

Andrei Gelasimov

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