Takeo Arishima (March 4, 1878 – June 9, 1923) was a Japanese novelist, short-story writer and essayist during the late Meiji and Taishō periods. His two younger brothers, Ikuma Arishima and Ton Satomi were also authors. His son was the internationally-known film and stage actor, Masayuki Mori.
After his death, Arishima became known for his detailed diaries, covering more than twenty volumes, with an intimate record of his life, fears and hopes. His contemporaries regarded Arishima as a philosopher and social critic as much as a novelist. His writing was critical of Christianity and strongly influenced by socialism; emotionally intense, humanistic, and employed ideas from the Bible, Tolstoy, and anarchic socialism.
Arishima's major works include:
-Aru Onna (A Certain Woman) 
-Kain no Matsuei (The Descendents of Cain)

Takeo Arishima

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