Lyuben Dilov ((25.XII.1927 – 10.VI.2008) was a Bulgarian science-fiction writer. According to the writers Arkadi Strugatsky, Stanislaw Lem and Frederick Paul, Lyuben Dilov is "one of the ten most prominent representatives of the phylosophical science fiction". Dilov is the author of more than 40 novels and medleys, which have been translated into the main European languages, into Japanese and Chinese, in total circulation of more than 3,5 million copies. He received a numerous number of National and European awards among which is the "Eurocon" Award for his novel "The Trip of Icarus". Dilov's irony and paradoxal criticism make some people think science fiction is the author's attempt to hide his insights about the Bulgarian society during communism. Lyuben Dilov is one of the few writers, who took out the so called "manuscripts in a drawer" right after November 10, 1989 - manuscripts he had thought he would never publish during the regime.

Lyuben Dilov

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