Pavel Vezhinov was born on November 9, 1914 in Sofia. A writer, a novelist, a publicist, a journalist, a public figure, Pavel Vezhinov has been one of the most famous contemporary Bulgarian writers. In fact, Pavel Vezhinov is the pen name of Nicola Delchev Guzov, who has left behind some of the most brilliant works in the Bulgarian cultural fund.
Pavel Vezhinov studied Philosophy at the Sofia University. His first medley “Ulitsa bez pavazh” (Street without pavement) was published in 1938, and “Dni i vecheri” (Days and Nights) was published in 1943. He had been a member of the Bulgarian Communist Party since 1944.
He took part in the World War II as a correspondent and a chief editor of the “Frontovak” newspaper. Pavel Vezhinov’s war impressions reflected on his short novels “Zlatan” and “Vtora Rota” (Second Millitary Company). “Vtora Rota” has enjoyed great popularity and has been reissued several times.
Pavel Vezhinov was a member of the National Assembly of Bulgaria in 1981.
Pavel Vezhinov is one of the founders of the “Starshel” newspaper. He used to work there as a deputy editor between 1947 and 1951. Between 1951 and 1954 Vezhinov occupied the same position but at the “Septemvri” magazine.
Between 1954 and 1972 Pavel Vezhinov at first worked as a scrip-writer, and later as a deputy managing director at the Bulgarian Cinematography. In 1972 he was a member of the board of managers of the Bulgarian Writers’ Union.
He had been a deputy at the Bulgarian Parliament since 1976.
Pavel Vezhinov published a number of crime novels and short novels in the 1950’s and 1960’s: “Sledite ostavat” (Traces Remain) (1954), “Proizshestvie na tihata ulitsa” (An Accident in the Quiet Street) (1960), “Chovekat v syanka” (The Man In Shade) (1965), “Prilepite letyat noshtem” (Bats fly at Night) (1969), as well as the novelette “Znamena po stadionite” (Flags over the Stadium) (1950) and the travel notes “Na Olimpiadata v Helzinki” (The Olympics in Helsinki)  (1953) and “Do Melburn po vuzduh i more” (To Melbourne by Air and Sea) (1957).
Pavel Vezhinov was the first Bulgarian contemporary writer to use elements of fantasy in his fiction.
In 1963 his medley “Momcheto s tsigulkata” (The Boy with the Violin) was published, followed by “Duh na bademi” (Taste of Almonds) (1966), “Zvezdite nad nas” (The Stars above us) (1966) and “Malkite priklyucheniya” (Small Adventures) (1970).
The novel “Night with the White Horses” was first published in 1975 and has been reissued many times during the years. The book has been translated into Russian, Ukrainian, Moldavian, Georgian, Lithuanian, Estonian, Polish, Slovenian, Czech, Romanian, German, French, Chinese and Vietnamese. In 1985 Pavel Vezhinov also wrote the script of the film “Night with White Horses” starring Nikolay Binev as prof. Ouroumov and Ivan Ivanov as Sasho.
After the huge success of “Night with the White Horses”, in 1977 Vezhinov published the novelette “Barierata” (Barrier), which also has been of great interest to the public. In the next few years “Beliyat gushter” (The White Lizard) (1977) and “Ezernoto momche” (The Lake Boy) (1978) were published.
The novel “Vezni” (Balance) (1981) is the last novel which was finished by the author.
Pavel Vezhinov is the script –writer of the “Barierata”, “Sledite ostavat”,”Zarevo nad Drava”, “Trimata ot zapasa” (The Three in the Reserve), “Spetsialist po vsichko” (Expert in Everything), “Srednoshtna sreshta”(Midnight Meeting), “Na vseki kilometar” (Every Kilometer), “Night with the White Horses”,  “Proizshestvie na tihata ulitsa” , “Treta sled slanceto” (Third after the Sun) and many others.
Pavel Vezhinov’s awards and orders testify to his enormous contribution to the Bulgarian literature. He received “People’s Republic of Bulgaria” order, II degree (1964), the title of honor “People’s cultural figure” (1970), the title “Hero of the socialist labor” (1974) and the “Georgi Dimitrov” order (1974). Pavel Vezhinov is also the recipient of the Dimitrov Prize (1950, 1951, 1971, 1976).
Pavel Vezhinov died unexpectedly on December 20, 1983.

Pavel Vezhinov

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