Nele Neuhaus was born in 1967 in the town of Munster, Germany. She studies Law, History, and German Philology. Before devoting herself to writing, Neuhaus works in an advertising agency. In June 2012, just 3 days prior to the publishing of her crime novel "Snowwhite must die", her book makes top 20 in the bestseller's list of "Spiegel" magazine, and has been among the best selling books on Amazon ever since.

The crime series about the commissar's duo Oliver von Bodenstein and Pia Kirhhov, turns her into one of the most read crime authors in Germany. "The murder of the Mysterious Woman" is the first book of this hit series that sold in 580 000 copies by the end of January 2013. All of the novels about the commissars Bodenstein and Kirhhov are on the bestselling list of "Spiegel" magazine and in the category of the 15th most selling novels in September 2011. Up to this moment the thrillers of Nele Neuhaushave reached  a circulation of 6 million copies, and the copyrights have been sold in 25 countries, among wich Italy, France, Spain, Holland, South Korea, Russia, Brazil, Great Britain, Poland, China, Czech Republic, Croatia, and the United States of America. Felicitas Wall and Tim Bergmann are the stars in a ZDF movie series based on six of Nele's books.

Nele Neuhaus have founded a Foundation on her name (Nele Neuhaus Stiftung), that is addressing social problems. The Foundation is engaged in fostering reading among youth. Neuhaus dedicated large portion of her income to this cause. In 2011 the author transfered 90% of her profit from book sells to the capital of the Foundation.
Currently the author lives in Taunus with her boyfriend and her dog.

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