Professor Julian Vuchkov is a Doctor of Philological Science and the television audience’s darling. He is one of the most authoritative yet attractive, intriguing and charismatic presenters on the Bulgarian media front. Julian’s appearances on the small screen are largely anticipated and are rewarded with the audience’s most flattering reaction.

Julian has worked for the Bulgarian National Television for many years (at the Every Sunday show) and at 7 days TV where he started the broadcast Food for thought which delves into the problems of philosophy and human existence. Afterwards, he presented the show Thoughts and Sentiments broadcasted by television SKAT. Till the start of 2009, Vuchkov used to be presenter of the show What times, what customs at TV2. He also wrote for the column Julian Vuchkov’s advisory at the Woman’s Newspaper. At the end of February, 2009, Julian Vuchkov was suspended from his position at TV2 and What times, what customs was discontinued. After that, he pursued further endeavours at Nova Television in the Hello Bulgaria broadcast as a ‘supervisor of morality’ once a week. At the start of September 2010, Julian Vuchkov initiated a show of his own broadcasted by Canal 3 television.

Julian Vuchkov

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