Albert Liebermann is a pen-name of the famous publisher and jurnalist Fransesk Miralles. He was born on 27th August 1968 in Barcelona. Except for a writer he is also essayist, translator and musician, who has specialized in psychology and spirituality.  He is one of the most read Spanish authors whose books have been translated into 20 languages as of now. Liebermann is the author of many self-help books as well as the author of some novels among which is the teenage book „Haiku for Alicia“. The book has won „Gran Angular prize“ in 2001/2002. He is also the author of „Balkan Coffee“, „Love with Small Letters“. The melancholic prose of the novel „Wish We Were Here“ that combines love and mystery has a special place among his books. Together with the co-author Alex Rovira Albert Liebermann has received „Torrevieja prize“ for the novel „The Final Answer“. They have published in joint authorship also „The Labyrinth of Happiness“, „A Heart Full of Cry“ and „The Wood of Wisdom“. His other famous works are: the antologies „365 Zen“ and „365 Tao“. Liebermann's book „The Tree of Haiku Poems“ has gone through several editions.

Albert Liebermann

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