Nadya Cholakova is a famous investigation journalist, a master of the criminal reportage. She specializes „Investigation Jurnalism“ in Rome, Wien, Tirana and Buchurest. Her journalist investigations on the Bulgarian underground world have led her to Italy, Spain, Belgium, Holland and Portugal. She follows the Bulgarian mafia over there according to the international criminality. Key-bosses from the underground utter in front of her for the first time such as Georgy Iliev, Konstantin Dimitrov–Samokovetsa, Evgeny Stefanov–Jenyiata, Zlatomir Ivanov–Baretata, Anton Miltenov-Kljuna, Ivan Todorov–Doctora and others. Her materials about the underground are luxuriant, non-standart and various. They have been published in the following newspapers: „1000 Days“, „Continent Daily“, „Standart Daily“, „Trud Daily“ and „168 Chasa Weekly“. For 9 years there she was a head of the „Investigation department“. She has worked for „MAX magazine“ and „L’EUROPEO magazine“. Cholakova was anchor of the rubric „Roulette“ on the TV show „Station Nova“ on Nova TV. Her articles are being published regularly in „Biograpf magazine“ where she takes up a position  in the management of the editorial board. She is the author of the documentary novels: „Live Fast 1. Vassil&Georgy Ilievi“, „Live Fast 2. Vassil&Georgy Ilievi". The Decapitated Empire“, „Live Fast 3. A Time for Execution“. „Live Fast 4. Blood for Cocaine“ is Nadya Cholakova’s forth book that gives a serious investigation about the life of Georgy Iliev, about the underground bosses, about the murders and the cocaine business. 

Nadya Cholakova

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