Ognian Stefanov was born in 1954 in Pleven. He has a degree in journalism from Lviv in the former Soviet Union. He worked as a journalist for Bulgarian army and Bulgarian Warrior newspapers and after the 1990s – for a number of other publications such as Bulgaria, Standart Daily, Novinar Daily, 24 chasa Daily, Kontinent. Ognian Stefanov is the creator and editor-in-chief of the online publication frognews.bg as well as Tornado newspaper. He also wrote documentary film screenplays and is also the co-author of a book of interviews about the transitional period after 10th November 1989 – „Long live Bulgaria!“ In September 2008 Stefanov was violently beaten and lay in a coma for a long time. His experience and the events preceding the attack he shares in his novel „Coma“. In „The Mafia: from KGB to NS. A book about death, violence and retribution“ Ognian Stefanov tells of his suffering and his resistance to all that is happening in the country.

Ognian Stefanov

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