Creating the best canvas to work with, for the days you want to look glamorous and fabulous, for the ‘just a touch of lippie and a brush of mascara’ days for the fresh faced look, or for the bare faced cheek….That’s what all this is about…….Glowing, luminescent, confident and healthy skin.

21 years of working in the skincare and therapy industry. 21 years of travel, learning, training, and instructing has taken me from Chile to China, Australia to Austria, from Switzerland to France, and finally, back home to Stratford upon Avon.

I’ve stood naked whilst being jetted with ice cold water at the Kneipp School of Thermo therapy in Germany; learned crystal healing in Mexico – the beaches are fab; listened with intent whilst a snail farmer in Chile sold me pots of their skin healing slime…you know they kiss for 7 days before mating?…the snails, not their farmers…. 

Jane Scrivner has written and published nine books on the subject of Detox, and two about LaStone Therapy.  They are published in over 25 different countries and 16 different languages, so if you know anyone that wants to Detox in Tokyo…She's your man.

Wherever she has travelled, the main focus was to see what was being used in face work, in body work, the local ingredients – from around the world, the alchemy, the techniques. She clocked up all those miles to sort the good from the bad, the hilarious from the heavenly, the effective from the weird, and the pure from the processed.

So the bag of goodies has landed, the potions mixed and the oils blended, and she is happy that they’re rather good and she uses them every day.

In her book Detox Yourself Jane Scrivner explains what exactly detoxicity is and why it is necessary. The author sees it as "cleaning" the body ou" of toxins accumulated in it due to the modern and unhealthy lifestyle - stress, pollution, junk food and sedentary.

Jane Scrivner

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