Maxim Behar is a dreamer and a visionary for a better, more dynamic and more ethical world. Maxim is also a practitioner. He likes chatting, networking, serious business projects, social media, rock music, gadgets and travelling, meeting new people and facing new challenges, reading and writing, cycling and parachute jumping.
One of his favourite rules in life says: If your dreams don't scare you, they aren't big enough.
In 1994, Maxim founded M3 Communication Group, Inc., the leader in the field of public and media relations in Bulgaria. Since then he has been the company's Chief Executive and Chairman of the Board of Directors.
In January 2012 he was appointed Chairman of Hill+Knowlton Strategies in Prague, Czech Republic, and since then he has been managing simultaneously both offices in Prague and in Sofia.

Maxim Behar

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