Dragomir Simeonov was born on the 15th of September, 1976 in Sofia. For twelve years now he has been known to the Darik radio’s audience as the afternoon broadcast’s presenter. He is also the author of the film series ‘The Cinema Inside’, the radio broadcast ‘Question Mark’, and the history series ‘Chunks of History’. Despite his experience in television (BNT – ‘10/64’ and ‘Night Flight’; BTV – ‘Before Noon’; Nova TV – ‘Every Sunday’), Dragomir remains deeply in love with the radio. And, most of all, he is attracted by a good story. This is the reason why he does not think of himself as a journalist but as a collector of stories. That’s the connection between reporting, a degree in Cultural Studies, and an enthusiasm for literature and cinematography.

Dragomir Simeonov

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