Kirmen Uribe (born October 5, 1970) is an acclaimed Basque-language writer born in Ondarroa (Basque Autonomous Community, Spain). He studied Basque Philology at the University of the Basque Country–Gasteiz, and did his graduate studies in Comparative Literature in Trento, Italy. In October 2009 he was awarded the Spanish Literature Prize, for his novel Bilbao–New York–Bilbao. For the same work he had received the 2008 Critics’ Prize for a novel written in Basque. 

The critic Jon Kortazar has said that the appearance of Kirmen Uribe’s poetry collection Bitartean heldu eskutik (Meanwhile Take My Hand), published by Susa in 2001, was a “peaceful revolution” in the world of Basque literature. It received the Critics Prize for poetry written in Basque, and its first edition sold out within a month.

Kirmen Uribe

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