Associate Professor Dr. Milena Tzvetkova teaches at the Department of Journalism and Mass Communications of Sofia University “St. Kliment Ohridski“ in the “Print media and book publishing” division.

She has written books in the field of media studies, reading habits and reader research such as “Books as media” (2012), you can see the book's trailer here, “Information Culture: The Name of Reading” (2001, 2009), “Communication Management” (2001), “Reading as a filter against manipulation” (2000), etc.

She has compiled five bibliographies: “Professor Marko Semov” (2004), “Professor Andrey Pantev” (2004), “Professor Veselin Dimitrov” (2004), “Associate professor Lyuben Atanasov” (2001), “Marko Vachkov” (1996).

She has also written papers on improving researchers’ information, publishing and scientific culture: „Academic style of quoting sources” (a study, published in the Yearbook of the Department of Journalism and Mass Communication of Sofia University, Vol. 13, 2007), “The Graduation Thesis: A Guidebook” (DJMC, 2005).
Dr. Milena Tzvetkova has been the scientific editor of 13 books as well as the “books about books” series Enthusiast Libris featuring “This is not the end of the book” (2011) by Umberto Eco and Jean-Claude Carriere and “Seven conversations with Jorge Luis Borges” (2011).

She is a member of the international editorial committee and one of the editors of the digital scientific magazine of the University of National and World Economy “Media and Public Communication”. For this magazine, as well as for the online scientific magazine “Newmedia21. The Media of 21st Century” published by the Department of Journalism, Milena Tzvetkova created a unified system of making bibliographies of the sources and the unique for the Bulgarian periodicals “quotation forms”. Both magazines won the 2012 Golden Plate Award of the Association of Bulgarian Journalists.
Dr. Milena Tzvetkova’s latest book “Research in Style” is based on her experience as a director of studies for graduate and doctoral students as well as a lecturer on the subjects “Research projects”, “Writing a graduate thesis and working with sources”, the doctoral course “The dissertation: Methods for conducting scientific research” as well as her experience as a lead researcher on numerous scientific projects.

Milena Tsvetkova

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