Jurgen Roth was born in 1945 in Germany. He has worked as an investigating journalist pursuing organised crime cases, mafia structures and their merge with politics in both former communist states and other countries around the world. Roth’s investigations focus on economic crimes and corruption.
Roth is the author of many books and articles. He is known to be an unbiased and impartial journalist, moreover a journalist who re-examines his information repeatedly trusting only certain facts and sources.

Roth’s first book, published in Bulgaria, was written especially for Bulgaria – ‘The New Bulgarian Demons’. In 2010, his book ‘Gangster Economy. How organised crime may purchase us’ was also released in Bulgarian. Other titles include, ‘The Oligarch’, ‘Terror’s Nets’, ‘Dirty Hands’, ‘Eastern Gangsters’, ‘The German Clan’, ‘Mafia State of Germany’, ‘Unfair Play’.

Juergen Roth

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