Milena Fuchedjieva is one of Bulgaria's most popular writers, screenwriters and columnists.
Her plays, “Zen porno” and “Krizis”, have been staged in Bulgaria and Los Angeles. Milena lived and worked in the US for many years. She is also the creator and head writer of one of the most popular Bulgarian TV drama series, “Seven hours difference”.
“White niggah” is her first book with essays on the immigrant experience in America, followed by a book of short stories, “NoHannah” (Ciela, 2004). “Night project” (Altera, 2006) is a collection of poems and photographic self-portraits. “Kheper: Little Ida’s colors” (Ciela, 2007) is a horror-fantasy novel. “I, the blogger” (Enthusiast, 2010) is a collection of the best writing from her widely popular blog.
In November 2014, her second novel, “Sex and communism” (Enthusiast), debuted and became an instant bestseller and one of the most talked about books of the year. It remained in the top-10 list of most sold Bulgarian novels for three consecutive months. In less than a year it has undergone 4 editions. Before the book was published, “Granta” (Bulgaria) presented an excerpt in its Fourth issue for 2014. On November 10, 2015 Milena Fuchedjieva will present to her readers “Sex and Communism 2”, continuing the story from the first book.
As of 2010, Fuchedjieva lives and works in Sofia, Bulgaria. As a teenager she spent three years in Paris, France with her parents. Her body of work carries influences from French and American culture, combined with her experience of living in Communist Bulgaria.

Milena Fuchedjieva

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