People’s doctor Lyudmila Kim was born in 1941 in Gudermes, Chechnya. She graduates from secondary school receiving a gold medal. Lyudmila matriculates into the Institute of Chemical Technology ‘D. I. Mendeleev’ in Moscow. For three years, she is a Candidate of Science. Subsequently, Lyudmila submits a successful dissertation. Lyudmila Kim dedicates her knowledge and abilities to the people, she travels across Asia, Europe, Russia, she encounters many renowned medics and homoeopathists. She creates a collection of dozens of books and leaflets written by her and containing information gathered during her travels.

Lyudmila has been amongst the closest friends of Vanga for many years. The two have worked together on many occasions to make the knowledge of human health better. In 1994, Kim founds the Centre for People’s Medicine where thousands of patients recover successfully. In recent years, Kim has dedicated her time to systematic development of special methods and medicine fighting illnesses of cancerous nature.

Ludmila Kim

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